About us

About the company

Response Informatics is a globally established end to end technology and enterprise level management consulting company.

Incorporated in 1996, we have been sailing the ship with a single goal, the global adaption of the best technological and result driven practices for business growth.

With a humble start with management consulting and global staffing solutions, we have moved up the ladder sharply and significantly. Soon enough, we were delivering in various verticals and services ranging from enterprise level software and application development.

From mere technological consultation to high end, in-depth centres of excellence for cutting edge technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Data analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Internet of Things.

Every aspect of the technology dealt in and every service undertaken is entirely consumer-centric data-driven and most importantly, has its fundamentals dug deep into our result oriented strategies or ideologies.


What defines an individual is their values and what defines a business is the ethos it embodies and projects onto the world.

Though aggressive in our pursuit to establish growth and data-driven technological supremacy for our clients, we have developed a cultural definition of a statement that fuels our drive.

Our Vision

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”-Henry Ford

Simply put, market research would have pointed to making faster horses but Ford knew that people needed speed and the medium of the same has nothing to do with that.Time and again we have seen businesses approach a problem with a pre-existing solution that has solved a problem before elsewhere and we as an entity is on the different paths to the same destination. We believe that the solution is never in the box and it is in fact, out of the box.

In a testing time where misinformation, malaligned promises and non-responsive scaling are the escalating problems for a company’s growth, we know that the solution for it needs to be found at the core. Every problem has the same solve at its core foundation. Your consumer is human. Your corporation may be functioning for B2B or B2C but at the end of the day, you talk to a human. Our approach to solving the problem always begins with an answer to the most important question. What does the user need? Does this help him be better in the long run?

Irrespective of the technology, service or solution designed, monitored and operated by us, our core and seed for a start is the ideal consumer. Our driving statement is simple, we work to empower your consumer who would inadvertently help you jump to the top and stay there for a very long while.

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