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Digital Experience is an interaction between users, employees (or) customers and an organization that is possible only because of the digital technologies. Your digital presence is the first and foremost gateway of interaction between you & your users.

Why Response Informatics

As digital framework enablers, we at Response Informatics understood that communication is the key to a better experience.

We  enhance your customer digital experience by improving the user interface, mobile responsiveness, and design communication methods by delivering real-time data across all the interactions, rather than individual touchpoints

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an interactive framework  that allows the development of applications in the cloud & they can be accessed through the internet. Software development, hosting, programming and development of applications can all be sped up by cloud computing thus helping save a ton of time and resources.

Why choose Response Informatics?

In this digital era, as the global market is expanding & the expectations on the quality & performance of all the products & services are being increased. To achieve these benchmarks, we providing scalable, cost-efficient, customizable & easy operating platforms for professionals by working on it .  

Application Development and Integration

Global businesses are behind enhancing efficiency by delivering outstanding customer services through the digital world. With a wide variety of web applications, companies become better at decision making and it also results in opening new business opportunities.

Project management, business analysis, testing & quality assurance and many more applications can be achieved through  application development solutions 

Why Choose Response Informatics:

We at Response Informatics have highly experienced industrialists & engineers, who try to match the unique requirements of each organization and deliver TTM ( time to market ). Real-time advanced web applications that our workforce provides, allows businesses to deliver superior customer experience. We strive to solve complex integration problems of business groups from all around the digital world.

We help organizations to invest less(cost of ownership) for excellent application development through which they can deploy sustainable integrations of front end and back end systems, leveraging their current application investments with complex integration problems of business groups from all around the digital world. Our team also helps enterprises in improving their existing applications, thanks to our application development solutions.

Our uninterrupted services enable corporations to experience increased efficiency and agility.


Data Analytics, it is the process of examining the data sets to draw conclusions about the information they contain, with the aid of specialized systems and software. These technologies and techniques are mostly used in commercial industries. Data Analytics are of two types 

  1. Qualitative data analytics:

Quantitative data refers to information collected from each individual of a large group regarding the opinions on definite topics of a problem, product or service. This type of data is a result of conducting surveys. Though only 20 – 25 percent of the opinions are picked at random and that data is analysed using one of the various Quantitative Data Analytics Methods, accurate results are obtained if the procedure is followed by keeping in mind certain triggers.

      2. Qualitative data analytics:

It is a process whereby we move from the qualitative data which we have collected, into some form of explanation , interpretation of the people and situations that which we are investigating. It is usually based on an interpretative philosophy.

Why choose Response Informatics?

We at Response Informatics, ensure to guide & solve the queries of our clients as quickly as possible. Our data analytics team, enables us to manage and get through large amounts of raw data from clients with great speed & accuracy.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource planning is a business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and self operate many office functions related to services, human resources and technology.

It can also be implemented either on cloud or on premises or even on a combination of two, called a hybrid. ERP software modules access information from a central database and share this with all the other modules in a given business process. By using Enterprise resource planning, the organizations tend to update the information without having to make double entries. 

Why choose Response informatics?

We at Response Informatics, strive to provide the best enterprise resource planning solutions. We also understood how important Enterprise resource planning is for any organization to improve the process efficiency and productivity.

 With over 12 years of expertise towards increasing interconnectivity and communication between different departments, we have attained expertise in streamlining all sorts of operations.



Internet users nowadays can easily be tricked into making a window for vulnerable usage of personal information. Access to such information is made possible by forcing the user to download malicious content onto their computers from the internet. Each of the security issues is overcome in a different way. For example, TCP/IP protocols are guarded by a set of security extensions called IPsec(Internet Protocol Security) while finance related websites send OTP(One Time Password) to its users that lasts for 15 seconds for making any transaction. The different ways of overcoming the security issues are classified under cybersecurity.

It is important to know that it is very complex and at times impossible to retrieve the data lost due to cybercrime. Also, it is more manageable to install security suites and antivirus software as a part of cybersecurity; as they say, “prevention is better than cure”.

Why choose Response Informatics?

We at Response Informatics, make use of virtual private network to make sure that all the data that leaves your device is strongly encrypted until it reaches the destination. We are more likely a “cyber bodyguards” of data on your devices as well as your data on cloud services

We ensure to remind our clients and customers to modify their passwords periodically. We also pop up dialogue boxes warning you not to download content from unknown servers or sites. It is necessary that we do not let our clients open any window for vulnerability. Thanks to our innovative features that are used for detecting, analysis and troubleshooting of cybercrime.

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