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Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing aids you in finding the perfect and reliable candidate for a temporary and on a project basis. Hiring an individual on a contract basis allows your company to sustain proper staff levels and maintain the talent that is available today. In today’s competitive world, employers are turning towards contract staffing for special projects & if there is a staff shortage.

Contract staffing is all about hiring the highly skilled talent on a project basis with minimal commitments that are required to fulfill the job needs.

Top companies are now minimizing their employee expenditure by hiring the talent on a contractual basis.

Why Response informatics?

In this digital era, there are numerous websites that vow to connect you to the talented professionals who are willing to work on a contractual basis. But, how many of them assure you of the quality of the work produced, the dexterity of the person/team and most importantly, the trust of the talent?

We at Response Tnformatics, believe in the fact that your company ideals and values are a direct reflection of your work culture and its contribution towards your organization’s growth.

With over 12 years of expertise in hiring the candidates for numerous companies, our hiring solutions are handled with utmost sincerity and importance.

Contract to Hire Staffing

Contract to hire staffing is an intermediate staffing solution where a candidate is hired for a position on a temporary basis. In a contract to hire solution a candidate’s job is made permanent only after evaluating his/her skills and capabilities for a specific period. Contract to hire staffing provides the option of hiring the candidate on a contractual basis & it also helps in monitoring the candidate core skills & Presentation skills prior to making a hiring commitment. 

Why Choose Response informatics

With over 12 years of expertise in providing the best staffing solutions to some of the top class businesses in the world, our hiring tactics, speed & most importantly, our trust in bringing the best of the talent speaks for itself.

We have figured out the perfect way of funneling down to a prospective hire that in itself makes us your best bet to get the right workforce that would help run your processes smoothly for you.

Every hire is handpicked and deployed to provide

Highest productivity and proactivity from day one
Enforce the company’s vision and mission in their everyday workflows
Top level market responsiveness
Timeframe and Budget compliant.

Direct Hire

Direct hire jobs are permanent jobs with salaries paid & also they are entitled to benefits such as retirement accounts & Medical insurance. Staffing firms will handle the recruitment process, but you will report directly to the hiring company when you have accepted the offer. Usually, direct hiring is a long term process because a potential employer should be committed to a long – term relationship  & should do a thorough job finding and interviewing strong candidates.

Why Choose Response Informatics

Recruitment and talent acquisition is one of the core functionality businesses for Response Informatics for over more than a decade now.

We have helped businesses in finding the right talent for the right job at the right time.  

Our recruiters are highly trained professionals who understand your industry requirements and begin formulating ways to get you the professionals that you deserve and need.

Human Capital Management

Human capital is the value that any employee adds to his company with his knowledge and skilled experience in a particular field. human capital management, it is a process of upgrading the existing skills of an employee and extracting the best out of him/her. 

Why Choose Response Informatics

We at Response Informatics, believe the fact that the company’s growth & success mostly depends on their valuable employees. 

Talent management is the key HR process that decides the future of the company.

 Our strict work ethics and a team of highly skilled professionals ensure to hire the best and deserving candidates and motivating existing candidates in the most unique yet efficient manner.

Owning the throne for over 12 years of industrial experience, We provides the human capital management solutions that are sure to leave you spellbound. Our employees are our pride! Ensure you feel the same. Speak with our experts to know more about human capital planning.

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